If you plan to visit Munich, Germany than don’t forget to visit Neuschwanstein Castle as your trip considered not complete before visiting this amazing place. It is located on a mountain, near a small village called Hohenschwangau. Neuschwanstein Castle was built by King Ludwig II in the 19th century. neuschwanstein castle GermanyNeuschwanstein Castle

To reach Neuschwanstein Castle, if you start from Munich, you can ride a train that departing to Fussen and once you arrived, take a bus that going to Hohenschwangau. Your holiday – in fact – already started since you are on the train. You will be entertained by beautiful views of yellowish wild flowers, grassland that surrounded by trees.neuschwanstein castle amazing neuschwanstein castle winterTo enter Neuschwanstein Castle, you need an entrance ticket that you can get from Hohenschwangau. In fact, actually there are 2 castles, Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, but most tourists prefer to visit the second one rather than Hohenschwangau.Neuschwanstein Castle, BavariaOnce you have your ticket, it is the time to go to the mountain where Neuschwanstein is waiting for you. To reach there, you have three options, by walk (the cheapest one absolutely), horse-drawn, or by bus.
If you decide to go by bus, the bus will only take you to Marienbrucke or known as Mary’s bridge. It is a bridge that was built by the same King as a birthday gift for his wife Mary. From the bridge, you can have your camera to capture some snapshots of Neuschwanstein castle.neuschwanstein castle bridgeAfter 15 minutes walking from Marienbrucke, immediately you will see how beautiful the panorama is. Enter the castle, and have a castle trip. There some unfinished rooms inside, however, you feel that you are in a fairy tale world.neuschwanstein castle InteriorThe King’s bedroom has a big bed with 4 pillars on each edge. There is a secret door that will lead you to the toilet. The castle decorations are mainly inspired by some operas written by Richard Wagner, the King’s beloved composer.neuschwanstein castle Throne RoomAnother beautiful room is The Throne Room. The flooring uses mosaic and the walls are decorated by some paintings. Neuschwanstein castle has a room called The Singers’ Hall that designed for music and drama shows. However, the King passed away before watching any single show.neuschwanstein castle Linderhof grottoThe Grotto is one of favorite area in the castle. It is like a cave complete with small waterfalls and small garden to relax.

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