Now this is what I call being on “top of the world!”
Sometimes, nature is what we’ve all got in the end. No matter how many skyscrapers you see in your city, you get attracted to the little trees that surround them. Nature is beautiful because it is you and you are part of it.
Everest from GokyoMount Everest is a major part of nature. When you visit this location, you feel like you are climbing the breasts of Mother Earth. Reaching on top of this mountain is not an easy thing and I don’t expect you or your friends to do it, without a professional training of mountaineering. Yet, there are other things to see at this location.

About Mount Everest:

I think we all know that Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth. It is situated in Mahalangur, which is a section of the famous Himalayas. Talking of its peak above the sea level, it reaches to sky with its 8,848 meters height.mount everest base camp

Many professional hikers and trekkers are attracted to this mountain since it is more like a challenge for them. There are two routes to begin the climbing activity with. While one approaches the summit from Nepal, the other approaches the summit from Tibet. None of the routes are easy and both of them require immense strength and immunity for the hiker to climb.

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Did you know?top of mount everest looking down

There’s a zone at the higher regions of this location, which is known as the Death Zone, since most of the hikers go through survival challenges here.

Star attraction of this location:Mount Everest China and Nepal Border

Nothing more than snow covered mountains, yet a strange attraction for all the mountaineers, is what this place is all about!

The Top three reasons to visit Mount EverestMOUNT EVEREST beautiful sunshine

• It is perhaps the greatest challenge for the professional trekkers and mountaineers
• There are only a few people who have visited the top surface of the mountain and you can surely be one of them, if you are trained enough and have the zeal for the same
• There are many base camps that you get to see at this location, which means that you are not alone with your troop, who wishes to climb the Everest!

The best time to visit Mount Everest:mount everest full with snow

May to October is the best time to visit this mountain, since winters can be all the very more difficult, even for the most professional hikers.

Information about Climbing Mount Everest

everest routeWell its really really hard, if you are not healthy enough like athletes, never climb and do trekking than stop reading more, its not for you. Just read and see the report about list of people died during climbing.hilary step climbers on Mount Everest
But there are hundreds of thousands of people who live on their dreams and they want to reach at the peak of the Mount Everest. You can do it, when many others people can do than why you can’t. But the cost of summit is very very high.  You may know Alan Arnette an American climber who climb K2 (K2 is 10 times more harder than Everest) at the age of 58. He write a detail post about how much it cost to climb the Everest.Mount Everest Summit
If you are lucky enough to reach on the top than can enjoy the amazing view of the top of the World like in this video.

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everes top
Mount Everest