London Eye constructed at the turn of 20th century and it is the biggest observation wheel of its kind. Located on the banks of River Thames it took six different architects to design this marvel. It happens to be the fourth largest structure in whole of London.
london eyeThe giant Ferris wheel is also called the Millennium Wheel and it is almost 135 meters tall. It is one of the most popular attractions of the historic city. You will see both locals and tourists are visiting here and taking a ride at this marvelous wheel, as it gives an unspoiled birds-eye view of the London city.
The view of London City from London Eye

London Eyes gives you a view of about 25 miles at all sides and it is a perfect place if you want to see the whole of London. Taking a ride at the London Eye is a memorable experience. It rotates about at a very leisurely pace, so that you can easily view the city beneath your feet.
london eye the view of cityThe wheel can accommodate a total of 800 visitors. There are a total of 32 capsules and they are numbered from 1 to 33, as the superstitious number 13 was not included in this counting. Each capsule can seat 25 people at a time. The London Eye gets about an average of 3.5 million visitors every year, which is more than the visitors received every year by the Great Pyramid of Giza and Taj Mahal combined.

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London Eye TwilightSince it’s unveiling, London Eye has been hailed as a unique structure of its kind and it has been nominated for several awards ; most of which it has won. London Eye is kept open for visitors every day except for Christmas and it is closed once every year for ten days for its maintenance and cleaning.
woman doing yoga in a London Eye podIt stays open a little late in summers. People even celebrate their birthdays and other events in London Eye. If you ever go to London then you have to take a ride at London Eye. It is always crowded with visitors, so you may make the reservation earlier to make sure that you and your companions can ride in together. No matter what the age of person is, everyone enjoys this unique tour of the city.
london eye at nightColorful view of London Eye at night.

London Eye Night Shot

london eye capsulePeople are enjoying the view and taking picture of the City from Inside London Eye.

london eye inside

Meeting inside London EyeThe view from London Eye become more awesome at Night.