This world is full of unique places that you can only dream about. There are gigantic mountains that rise above the clouds, rivers of lava that flow underground, forests thick with trees and canyons made by rivers over thousands of years, which as much as you can’t even see their bottom.
A naturally-arched iceberg floats near Eqip Sermia Glacier in Disko Bugt (Disko Bay), West Greenland.People who have an adventurous spirit and love traveling are always looking for opportunities of discovering such places. Although a lot of places have been discovered, but there are still many places in the world that can only be described as a natural phenomenon and have been discovered only recently. One such place that has been attracting a lot of attention for in the recent years is the Ice Canyon in Greenland.
ice canyon in greenland

Ice Canyon was discovered very recently by the scientists in several celebrated universities, who were in the region doing some research. The name Ice Canyon best describes the place. The Canyon is actually a huge pit buried underneath the ice sheet in Greenland. It was first found when the NASA collected some data using their ice penetrating radar that showed the existence of a gigantic canyon beneath the ice.
beautiful place on earth ice canyonAccording to an estimate the sub glacial canyons covers a distance of 750 km and runs from the central region of the island and into the Arctic Ocean. This canyon happens to be the longest canyon on the Earth. It also has a staggering depth of 800 meters. According to the latest research, the canyon helps transporting water from the melting of glacier to the ice sheet into the ocean.
ice canyon icelandIf you have an adventurous spirit then you should visit this place as well. For people who like seeing newly discovered places and learning more about them, Ice Canyon can be a great place for exploring.
Great Ice Canyon in IcelandIf you are interested in the geography of the place, then what better way to learn about this interesting place then by visiting it and seeing by yourself the region where the world’s longest canyon is buried. Although you might not be able to see much from outside but it is still interesting to visit the place where one of the rarest places of the world is buried.
Confluence Ice Canyon

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Ice Canyon facts

Ice Canyon GreenlandYou know? 700 Km long, 10 km wide and with depth of about 800 meters, make Ice canyon one of the longest canyon ever discovered on the earth.

ice canyon wonder iceland

Male ice climber exploring ice cave, low angle view

Ice Sheets antarcticaYou know? It is estimated that the Ice Canyon is at least four million years old.

Tourists at ice canyon iceland