The Great Wall of China is the most iconic places in China. It is the pride of China as well. It was built along the highlands, the length is about 10,000 kilometers. Because of its length, there are some rumors that the Great Wall can be seen from the moon.
great wallThe Great Wall of China was built in the era of Zhoi Dynasty in the 7th BC. The main purpose was to protect from Xiongnu Tribe attack. The walls were built in step by step and later on its combined and become one.
Great Wall of China

Visitors can enjoy the magnificence of the natural panorama of China from the wall. It is divided into some accesses; However, there are three main accesses which famous for travelers, including Badaling, Mutianyu and Simatai.
On top of the Great Wall of China Jinshanling in the evening.The Great Wall at Badaling is the very first to open for public and it is the most visited area by tourists. The Badaling is located in Yanqing District. Near Badaling, there is a museum and National Theater of the Great Wall of China.

Do you know where the Great Wall Of China end?

great wall of china endThere are two ends; one is located in Top Lake in the North part, and the other one is located in Shanhaiguan in the East of the Great Wall. The Shanhaiguan also called as Old Dragon’s Head or Laolongtou, as its head dips to the Bohai Sea. The name of Laolongtou was given as the edge of the wall like a dragon with head submerged in the sea.
great wall chinaThe Laolongtou is divided into 7 areas, Estuary Stone City, Nereus Temple, Chenghai Tower, Ningchai City, Nanhaikou Pass, Jinglu Beacon Tower and Binhai Walls. However, there are two areas that visitors usually visit as a favorite place, Changtai Tower and Nereus Temple which stand still on the above of Laolongtou.
Tourists at great wall of chinaTo reach the Great Wall of China from Beijing, there are two options of transportation, by train or by bus that will bring the tourists to Badaling.The View of great wall of chinachina wall
Great Wall Marathon at China
great wall of china history
The Great Wall of China at Jinshanling
Walking on above of the great wall of china

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