Death Valley National Park, which is situated on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in the southern Inyo County in California, is among the most arid National Parks in US. A small region of the mountain range extends into the southwestern and southern counties of Nevada.
Death ValleyWith an area of over 13,630 km (5,260 square miles) the park is well known all over the world for its wildlife, charming beauty, attractive mountain sceneries, ghost towns, recreational activities and several unexplained mysteries. If you are looking for a refuge from the cold during winter or a break from your daily routine, this is the best holiday destination for you.death valley national park california usa

Established in the year 1933, the park includes a significant part of the Panamint Valley, which is a part of the Saline Valley, a small part of other different mountain ranges and the entire Death Valley. With extraordinary beautiful wonder, the Death Valley National Park offers are very different from the other U. S. A National Park in character; it’s a region of many extremes, featuring extreme panorama, extreme temperatures, history and geology.

Wildlife:death valley animals birds

The Death Valley National Park is home to more than 400 birds’ species, 57 mammal species, 37 species of reptiles, and several other species of fish and amphibians. If you’re an animal lover, this park is surely not to be missed.

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Death Valley Recreational Activities:Nat Geo Death Valley show

The most known recreational activities at the park include mountain biking, hiking, camping and horseback riding. This park features 8 designated campsites, complete with every required facility. The Death Valley National Park is famous with stargazers as well as it has one of the very darkest night skies in the country.

Ghost towns:ghost town

The area is also famous as home to many ghost towns that dating back to the 17th century. The city of Panamint, which was founded by some two lawbreakers, is among the most remarkable ghost towns in that area.

Sightseeing at Death Valley:Death Valley National Park

Sightseeing can either be done by mountain bike, a personal automobile, a four-wheel drive or hiking. Apart from spectacular viewpoints and lots of hiking trails, this park has numerous ancient points of interest.
death valley moving stoneThe movement of stone in the death valley was a big mystery for people as well as for the scientists, but the good news is this mystery resolved in the year 2014. If you are interested to know about how these stone moves and leave marks on the surface of desert read.

Sailing Stones Caught in Action for First Time by sci-news.
Sailing stones by wiki pedia
Death Valley Recetrack
death valley Sunset prints
death valley Extreme Heat Death ValleyDeath valley temperature can be extremely hot during Jun July, so avoid to visit the park in summer. But if you decide to go than do proper planning to survive in extreme heat.
Beautiful Sand Dune Formations in Death Valley California