If you are someone who loves both, the amazing lights at nights and a peaceful environment in the morning, then Beijing is surely the place for you. It doesn’t matter if you visit each and every tourist attraction in this place or not; all that matters is that you lay your feet on the streets of this place and feel its vibes all around your body. The aura of this city is way too different than the other locations around the globe.

About Beijing, China:

Wangfujing street, Beijing
Beijing, one of the most popular cities in the world, is the proud capital of China, a country that is popular for the kind of tourist attractions it has. There are thousands of things that you have to see in this city, especially if spirituality interests you the most. For all the spiritual souls out there, this place is more like a holy place where your entire body feels at peace. There is much more to this city than just the city lights and excellent food on the streets.

Star attraction of the place:

Temple of heaven Beijing China

Although there are many things to see in this location, I personally give THUMBS UP to the Temple of Heaven, which is the best temple for all the spiritual people like me. I believe in a supernatural power that guides me wherever I go and that power is what you feel in this temple.

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The Top three reasons to visit Beijing:

Beijing Imperial City
• “The Forbidden City (The Imperial Palace)”, “Lama Temple (Yonghegong)”, “Beihai Park (Winter Palace)” and “Beijing Capital Museum” are the four MUST SEE places in this location. All the four places have their own histories, which most of the tour guides tell the tourists.Night Scene of Yu Garden Beijing
• The nightlife of this city is extremely happening. Just like Beijing is quiet and silent during days, it is appealing and happening during nights. If you are a party animal, you can visit different clubs and lounges with your friends or alone as well, to make new friends in the city.Beijing City
• There is an amazing scope for all those who love nature and wildlife. Beijing is all about exploring the new self or your inner self so you get to see all the colors of nature here, which are, in some way or the other, parts of us all.

The best time to visit:about beijing night

September and October are the two best months to visit Beijing, since the weather is pretty soothing during this time.
Beijing culture
beijing skyline
china world trade center beijing