6Spanish Cultural Dance Forms

Whenever the two words come together “Spain” and “Dance”, most minds are filled with guitars, red dresses and lots of stamping of the feet. The Flamenco is a very stylish and famous Spanish cultural dance form, but it is far from the only dance style known in Spain. As the country is rich in architectural beauty, so is the country’s cultural heritage.

Spanish danceDance has always been a form of self expression and the Spanish culture dance is no different. The 15th century brought the separation of the Spanish culture, dance form; this created the differentiation and recognition of the historical connection and even the origin of the dance form. This created over two hundred dance forms in one region of Spain alone, showing that the cultural dance was an art form that could not be categorized.

The Spanish cultural dance is a famous part of the country’s culture to date, and some of these famous dance forms include: