Rachel (Ray') Quintas

Rachel (Ray’) Quintas, is a lighthearted, young and newly published travel and freelance writer. Although her public pieces are fresh to the world, her passions for writing and traveling are old souls. Her love for traveling started with her first trip to Europe in 2014 where she studied at the University in Germany. Know more about Rachel and check our team

Entangled Canals of Venice, Italy

Venice is the capital of both the province of Venezia and the region of Veneto. It is known for being an “island city”, and...

An Artist’s’ Dream Canvas: The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel, named after its commissioner, Pope Sixtus IV, has stood has an artistic marvel since 1475. In 1481, the Pope called upon...

Ruins in History: The Roman Colosseum

The history of the Roman Empire is one filled with incredible strength and magnificence, and walking around the city, tourists can feel the energy...
Vietnam beauty

Five Best Places to Travel in Vietnam

From North to South, Vietnam captures, and never releases the hearts of its travelers. The bustling street markets, filled with exotic fruits, an extraordinary...

The Treasure Chest of Cities, Budapest Hungary

Starting with the history of its name, Budapest, Hungary, proves to be a land of many discoveries and a place where travelers will feel...
Nuremberg Tour

The Snowy Season of Nuremberg, Germany

Looking on my bookshelf until I spot the label Europe 2014; the tape is rolling inward at the edges as I realize how long...
traveler quotes

A Story of The True Traveler

To travel means to be free- to be free means to live; to travel is to live. Since the beginning, this had seemed innately...

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