Angel Falls, located in Venezuela is one of the earth’s most spectacular natural sights. At a height of 980 meters it’s far the highest waterfall in the whole world.
Amazing Angel FallsThe park is situated in the Gran Sabana region; Angel Fall Park became a Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1994 for its tabletop mountains, that is embraced by La Gran Sabena area. The great Angel Falls holds a record as the highest waterfall that pours from a distance of over 3200 feet off base.angel falls venezuela

Angel Fall offers a lot in terms of natural beauty and serves as a great precursor to the Angel Falls, with splendid tabletop mountain views and abundance of exceptional wildlife among other treats on offer.

How to see the Angel fall

angel falls breathtaking View
Tourists can be able to see the fall in one of the two ways. Economical travelers are probably keen on cheaper option, which includes a 3 hour trip down to the Great River Carrao, as opposed to flying over the Angel Fall in a small plane.Wonderful view of Angel Falls From Top
River tours of the Angel Falls commonly last around 3 days and can be easily arranged through tour guides or through hotels in Venezuela. The boat option provides a memorable experience of the jungle as well, which you pass through on the way.

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Activities at the Angel Falls

The view from the top of the Angel Fall and at a distance is quite stunning; especially when the heavy water watercourse produces a massive spray after its constant 870 meter fall meets rock, though visitors will find a lot of the activities on offer at the bottom of the fall.angel falls view from bottom
When the flow isn’t so strong tourists can take a freshening dip at the bottom, where the full water force is broken as it pours over a series of threaded rock faces. Tourists can likewise explore the neighboring area for sights of rare animals and plants such as orchids and poison arrow frogs. Lucky tourists may chance upon anteaters, armadillos, and even some wild cats such as jaguars and pumas which find a hideout in the park.

Useful Tips

angel fallsThere is not any Devil Pool available like on Victoria Falls, you may just enjoy the fall from front. Photography at fall sometime very difficult as most of the time the clouds will cover the area and sometime the winds make the fall not stable.angel falls picture
Go there is you love adventures, as the area is very remote and you will truly find yourself in a forest. It is good advice to not bring kids with yourself to the fall, if your kids are used to climb rocks than they are good to go. The trek is not easy but with proper planning you should easy to do it.

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Planet Earth – Angel Falls Video, You may see the beauty of the fall.

angel falls bottom
View from the Bottom Of Angel Falls
The View of Tabletop Mountains at Angel Falls, Its also called Paradise Fall in Venezuela

Angel Falls Wallpaper